Tom is an excellent mediator and has saved us from years of anguish and financial uncertainty. (2011)

Tom has a lovely, gentle nature that puts you at ease. He deflects any anger and is able to change the subject without you even realising. (2011)

Tom is an extremely skilled mediator. I was very nervous and upset. Tom turned a very difficult situation into a very positive experience. (2010)

Thank you for your caring nature. (2004)

Thanks for your compassion and understanding. (2005)

Highly competent and professional. (2007)

I never thought the matter would settle, it was totally thanks to the mediator that it did. Thanks for all your efforts. (2004)

You are a hero to keep the ADR Forum going, congratulations. (2007)

Your founding and promotion of the ADR Forum is a notable achievement. (2007)

I wish to thank you for imparting your expertise in skills and knowledge to me. I learned so much from experiencing your guidance through the "fireside chat" way of mediation, followed by the supportive way you encouraged us to give feedback. Your skill has stayed with me as I have been processing the learning we did on Sunday and I would aspire to emulate your empowering style of communication as I find my way to mediation. (2007)

I acknowledge that Tuesday's mediation session was traumatic for the participants, however, those involved have a sense of achievement if not total closure... I thank you for your help in working through what has been a really difficult human resource issue for... (2007)

Our sincere thanks for all your efforts... (2005)

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did today. It was brilliant. (2007)

Firstly thank you for the great opportunity to work with you this morning. I got a great insight into the way you do business which is sensational. (2007)

Brings a wealth of experience and has a positive style. (2005)

Tom is able to draw lots of information from the group-clearly a clever facilitator. (2005)

Tom is an experienced mentor who is passionate about his skills and is prepared to share his knowledge to enhance our skills, his presence is greatly appreciated. (2005)

I very much appreciated your feedback about my mediation role-play. (2006)

Thanks Tom for being a fabulous coach. (2006)

I appreciate your special ability to bring people together. (2006)

Thanks Tom, it certainly was great to work with you last Saturday-I very much appreciated the feedback and it will no doubt help me when preparing for accreditation. (2006)

Tom the mediator has been extremely helpful-negotiating has been useful and beneficial. (2006)

The mediator made sure everything was fair. (2004)

Tom's ability to relay information effectively between the parties involved. (2005)

Thank you for not giving up. (2004)

A big thank you for your outstanding commitment to networking and professional development. (2005)

I've read the article. It's characteristically Tom! Accessible but hard-hitting in an empowering way. It captures a long journey in a few pages, and reminds me of at least two other wise sayings: (1) when good people do something, evil cannot triumph and (2) where there is a will there is a way. (2005)

Thank you so much for your time, passion and commitment to not only the panel, but the mediation profession. I really appreciate your inspiration and insight. (2012)

Tom gave me encouraging words, to help me continue. He stopped me where there was a concern, suggested possibilities for me to try and then allowed me the opportunity to practise his ideas. I appreciated his input very much. (2012)

Tom is a very good teacher in so far as he is able to simplify the more complex explanations of skills and techniques and then give them a word to trigger that description. (2012)